Omni-Channel Consulting

The process of a typical consulting engagement consists of:

  • Initial intake of information
  • Situation analysis
  • Business research; SWOT analysis; (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) focused on the opportunities and challenges presented by omni-channel
  • Generation of options for new paths forward
  • Solution execution

Using the latest data and research on how consumers actually want to shop (online and offline combined), we help you guide your business or other organization to greater relevance and success in the rapidly changing world of commerce we are all grappling with.

Consumer Products Companies; Food, Fashion, Tech, Other

  • Craft the right omni-channel strategy for your business
  • What are the right distribution channels for your product?
  • What are the right marketing channels for your product?
  • Should you sell online only or also partner with brick & mortar retailers?

Retailers, Restaurants, Hospitality

  • Which aspect of ‘discovery’ and ‘fulfillment’ are you going to focus on for your consumers (hint, you can’t be good at both)
  • Help you understand what your online strategy should be
  • Help you understand what your bricks & mortar strategy should be
  • Craft the right omni-channel strategy for your business

Real Estate Developers and Operators

  • Which aspect of ‘discovery’ and ‘fulfillment’ are you going to focus on for your retail properties?
  • What types of retail concepts and tenants, are going to be most viable for your properties?

Government Business Development Agencies

  • Helping agencies and non-profits responsible for improving the businesses in their domains to understand and help their stakeholders succeed in the changing world of retail and commerce we are all facing

Ideal Clients

  • Large consumer-facing businesses that are expecting challenges of relevance and viability in the face of shifts in consumer behavior due to e-commerce
  • Commercial real estate organizations
  • Government business development agencies
  • Non-profits working in community development, sustainability and localism
  • Universities

What’s required of my clients

  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Sufficient time and intellectual investment from organization’s leadership
  • Disclosure of relevant information
  • Ongoing timely communication