Lionel speaks to college students, conferences, communities, non-profits and businesses.

His talks are focused on the consumer product, retail, food & beverage and hospitality industries. But are also relevant to other interest groups that intersect with these areas; Such as government, academia and non-profits concerned with all aspects of commerce, retail, local business, localism, commercial real estate and community development. 

Lionel presents an analytical, research-based approach to the technical aspects and current trends in retail, e-commerce.  And he also speaks to the human, social and community aspects of these areas.

Talk topics:

  • The Future of E-commerce and Brick & Mortar Retail: How they are working together in new and surprising ways.
  • The Two Fundamental Keys to Understanding Retail’s Future – Discovery and Fulfillment: How we can understand almost everything about the current changes in retail through the two lenses/key functions of retail: ‘discovery’ and ‘fulfillment.’
  • The Future of Omni-Channel and our Communities: How the new ways e-commerce and brick and mortar retail are working together is, are, will and should, affect our communities; our downtowns and shopping centers.
  • The Role of Government and Non-Profits in Shaping Omni-Channel Retail:How business development agencies, local governments, chambers of commerce, etc. can guide the businesses in their communities to better understand and harness the present state of retail to create better futures for their communities.
  • How Product Brands are Partnering with Brick & Mortar Retailers in Radical New Ways to invent new omni-channel paradigms.