Praise for Lionel Binnie’s Work

…clear explanations of the past, present and the future (predictions) of omni-channel retail.

As a Fashion Merchandising professor, I thought it was necessary for students to take a class in Omni-Channel Retail; however, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find a book addressing the current disruptions in retail and future predictions. It was a sigh of relief when I finally found TheFuture of Omni-Channel Retail: Predictions in the Age of Amazon. I ordered it right away, and I honestly didn’t put the book down until I was done reading! Lionel has done an incredible job simplistically presenting a very complex topic. The book is very informative for students, faculty and industry professionals. The text provides clear explanations of the past, present and the future (predictions) of omni-channel retail. With the current retail “apocalypse,” Lionel sets a stage to leverage both the offline and online platforms! Thank you, Lionel, for sharing your well-informed perspective, my students and I have gained invaluable insight from reading your book!

Dr. Caroline Kobia, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design & Merchandising
Mississippi State University

…presented the information in a fascinating yet informative way.

When I picked up The Future of Omni-Channel Retail I expected only to read it for about 30 minutes or so and then start on some other homework; this is because I tend to have a short attention span while reading, the only thing that keeps my attention most days is the Bible. However, to my complete surprise, 30 minutes passed before I even realized it and next thing I knew I was almost through with the book. The book was so informative yet an easy read that completely captured my attention. I especially loved the history presented throughout the book. I really enjoyed reading this book and appreciated how Mr. Binnie presented the information in a fascinating yet informative way.

Sarah Pack, Fashion Merchandising student
Mississippi State University

Online or offline, I AM IN CHARGE!

Before finishing reading The Future of Omni-Channel Retail: Predictions in the Age of Amazon on my couch, I drove 8 miles to Home Depot for bird seeds. I then drove 22 miles to Barnes & Noble for an illustrated bird book. Being tired of driving this money-gobbling machine in the sprawling suburbs, I was attracted to the idea of Paco Underhill’s New Urbanism that Mr. Binnie refers to in his book. Seriously, if anyone knows of a city in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area that is affordable for us to follow this Urbanism: “Live, work and play in the same location,” please let me know. Besides, I am not sure if as many kinds of birds would fly to my bird feeder in that city like the way they do at my home. Online ordering of the bird seeds and the book could have saved my time and money, but I was able to compare the color and textures of several different kinds of seeds visually at Home Depot and pick the one I liked (experiential). At Barnes & Noble, I was also able to purchase 2019 calendars discounted from $20 to $2 (the thrill of a deep discount) and make an impulsive purchase of my grandkids’ toys (thrill of a treasure hunt) because I was physically there. I completely agree with Mr. Binnie that the essence of omni-channel is that the consumer is in charge. Online or offline, I AM IN CHARGE!

Itsu Katoh, a New York-area shopper

We need to embrace the changing nature of retail…

The Future of Omni-Channel Retail was an educational read and enlightened me on Amazon’s power and the way retail has changed. The book did a fantastic job of outlining the history of retail, so the reader was able to see how greatly retail has changed and how the online aspect is more extensive than we may imagine. The Two-Axis Model Framework example was beneficial in creating a visual for how companies market their products, attract their consumers, and set themselves apart from others. The book brought to my attention how large and powerful Amazon truly is and how they use their power to create more jobs and to branch into new areas of interest to continually attract more customers. Binnie did an excellent job in expressing the facts of the Omni-channel culture and how we need to embrace the changing nature of retail and what we can expect from companies, especially Amazon. I personally enjoyed reading the book and listening to Lionel Binnie speak himself, as I learned much more about the retail environment and conditions than if I had researched it myself or witnessed the changes gradually.

Michelle Jean, Fashion Merchandising student
Mississippi State University

…instrumental in helping us improve our business capacity.

MSource has been instrumental in helping us improve our business capacity by securing new locations for our market research centers and negotiating lease agreements with shopping mall developers across the US. They have always been very open with us about business situations and has offered us a variety of solutions to meet our needs.

Tom Dilley, President
In-Vivo BVA, US

…helped me to understand consumer behavior…

While public libraries are not typical retail outlets, we do share many similarities, including our model changing due to the growth of online retail outlets. Lionel’s book helped me to understand consumer behavior, given the increased shopping options, so I can better focus resources and meet our users’ needs. The book was also quick and entertaining to read!

Donna Pesce, Director
Briarcliff Manor Library, Briarcliff Manor, NY

…highly focused on getting results.

MSource was highly focused on getting results for our business. He was very effective in helping us research and approach the market, fine-tune our messaging, and executing on trade shows and sales follow-up. All this resulted in winning significant new business in our college food service business. MSource has a strong ability in marketing strategy, execution and follow-through.

Ken Sato, President

…a stand-up, trust-worthy and knowledgeable marketer.

Lionel is a stand-up, trust-worthy and knowledgeable marketer who understands the importance of urgency. He moved very quickly to broker meetings with potential clients and obtained several promising leads. Lionel is a consummate professional and a nice guy, with a good sense of humor to boot!

Ken Blakeman, Director New Business Development